Hungry Bear Media | All Round to Mrs Brown's to return
Everyone's favourite Mammy will return - All Round To Mrs Brown's has been commissioned for a second series
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All Round to Mrs Brown’s to return


BBC1 Saturday night comedy show All Round to Mrs Brown’s has secured a second series recommission.

The broadcaster has ordered another 6 x 60-minute run of the show which was produced by Brendan O’Carroll’s indie BocPix and Hungry Bear Media.

O’Carroll’s character Agnes will again throw open to doors of her home to a string of celebrity guests and will include games, music and audience surprises.

The second series was commissioned by director of content Charlotte Moore, entertainment commissioner Kate Philips and entertainment commissioning editor Alan Tyler.

It will be exec produced by Dan Baldwin and Andy Price for Hungry Bear Media and series produced by Toby Brack for Hungry Bear and Fiona Gibney for BocPix.

Moore said the first series had been “a huge hit”.

Tyler added: “It’s rare to find a show that is so loved by the audience, but that is simply testament to the genius of Brendan’s creativity.”