Hungry Bear Media | Sky Greenlights Hologram Panel Show
Look Back To The Future is a brand new panel show featuring some special celebrity guests, Romesh Ranganathan and holograms. We're hoping it'll be as bonkers as it sounds!
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Sky Greenlights Hologram Panel Show

Romesh Ranganathan to front celebrity predictions format

Sky 1 has commissioned Hungry Bear Media to produce a one-off panel show fronted by Romesh Ranganathan, in which celebrity guests will be supported by hologram versions of themselves.

The 90-minute special, Romesh’s Look Back To The Future, will seat three panellists side-by-side with their hologram as they compete to see who has made the most accurate predictions about future events.

The show will be produced by Hungry Bear Media, which has hired technology firm Musion 3D to create the holograms that will beamed onto the set.