Hungry Bear Media | Ed Daggett
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Ed Daggett


I meet Ed Daggett for brunch in a central London hotel. He’s been granting interviews with journalists all morning to discuss his televisual achievements. Daggett sits down, takes off his expensive sunglasses and orders a V60 filter coffee. He stares at me, unblinking, with a smug half-smile on his face. “Nice order,” I offer up. He simply replies, “Thanks”, before retrieving his CV from his leather bag. A quick glance at it reminds me of his work on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show, Celebrity Juice and Play To The Whistle, but I wanted to dig a little deeper.

Daggett began his TV career at talkbackTHAMES in comedy entertainment development in 2010. Now a producer at Hungry Bear Media, he straddles both development and production. Daggett bristles, before barking, “I can shoot, edit and write too”. Critics have suggested that in his attempts to be a jack of all trades he’s become a master of none. I put this to Daggett. He shuffles in his rattan seat before quickly changing the subject to his hobbies.

Ever the forward thinker, Daggett spends much of his time listening to CDs and watching Season 5 of Seinfeld. Other passions include live comedy, trying to convince people he’s “not actually that posh” and devising convoluted conceits for blurbs on company websites.